Reading 2017

comics shelf
just some of the books I managed to cram into 2015 and 2016- I need a bigger shelf now!


I’ve alluded to things I want to read over the course of the next year- potential apocalypse allowing- and thought I might as well put a proper list out into the void on the off-chance that I find myself with spare time. That and I frequently forget my GoodReads password.

Obviously, there’ll be things that I read for my thesis- and probably reread umpteen times too. Harley Quinn Vol 6 recently found its way into my flat, and I’m relatively confident that there’ll be some panels in there that I need to discuss in my Harley chapter. I’ll also probably pick up the first trade paperbacks from DC Rebirth of titles like Batgirl, Batgirl & The Birds of Prey, and Nightwing. Mostly because why wouldn’t I?


Screenshot 2016-08-14 15.00.11
DC Rebirth- I bought the first issues, so not getting the trades would seem rude, frankly… 

In terms of superhero comics unrelated to my thesis or published by DC, I’d like to pick up the second volume of Mockingbird (quite possibly the best thing I read in 2016, and I hope Marvel are bloody regretting cancelling it). Squirrel Girl has been on my radar for a while, and I’m hoping that I finally get around to enjoying that too. I may also throw in some Deadpool for good measure too. Still on superheroes, I also kickstarted the second volume of My So-Called Secret Identity, and I’m very much looking forward to that. It’s superheroes, it’s feminist, it has a whole host of amazing creators involved, and for those interested, volume 1 is sold via Rape Crisis.

Then there’s the superhero-free stuff. I just ordered Lucy Knisley’s Something New and I may try and read a few more of her books too. I’ve had Bandette on my list to check out for a while too, so I think I’ll give that a whirl this year, as well as getting round to adding some of Kate Beaton’s work such as The Princess and the Pony to my shelves too. Throw in Princeless, and the books I’ve mentioned in more recent posts, and I think I’ll be spending a small fortune this year. Not to mention anything I hope to pick up from local creators here in Glasgow, as well as in Toronto, if all goes well and I end up at TCAF.

I have an equally long list of non-fiction books to try and find the time for this year too, but the material there isn’t as exciting, so I’ll spare you that.

With any luck, I’ll actually read everything mentioned here, though. Limitations of time and having to write a PhD thesis aside, I’m always keen to expand my horizons and discover new creators, etc, so if anyone has any recommendations, please do wing them my way.




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