Knitted Panels

Y’all know that my favourite method of procrastination and avoiding my thesis (and f***ing up my hands and wrists more) is knitting. Sometimes, in hindsight, I do wonder if I should have maybe gone into the knitting industry than academia, but I’ve actually somehow invested more money into my PhD than I have yarn (I’m surprised too), so that’s that decision made.

Anyhow, as it’s Valentines Day,  I’m combining the two (non-human/non-sentient) loves of my life: comics and knitting. So, I give you…comics about knitting!

Best way to spend time: knitting whilst reading one of Katie Green’s comics about knitting! 

Pom Pom Quarterly is hands-down my favourite knitting magazine. It’s the most beautiful, lush thing out there. Beautiful patterns by amazing designers, a regular (thought-provoking and often entertaining) column by Anna Maltz, features on other knitty pursuits, recipes…Not to mention, holding the physical magazine is a wonder in and of itself. I can’t begin to describe the texture of the pages, but it’s a tactile person’s dream. I love seeing previews from each new issue on Instagram, and I’m also an avid podcast listener too.

But I’m digressing. Pom Pom has published knitting comics by Katie Green across several issues- and they are fantastic. Some are personal, and talk about Green’s own experiences, whilst others are of a more universal theme, exploring the excitement and potential behind finding a new skein of yarn in a store, or the care that each knitter puts into their work. Green’s comics resonate, and I hope that Pom Pom continue to publish her comics. They’re a real treat to find and read, with a nice cup of tea whilst huddled under some knitted items.

I’ve never had much luck with webcomics. Everything I love seems to end at some point- Girls With Slingshots being a prime example. The same can be said for knitting webcomics- though at least everything is available online still. With that in mind, readers, I give you Worsted For Wear by Rachael and Josh Anderson. This comic covers the friendship between a group of yarn-loving friends (as well as their significant others and yarn-stealing pets). This one covers the humorous side of knitting and crochet, depicting accidental stash enhancement, the perils of knitting in the cinema, wars between knitters and crocheters- among other things. There are more sensitive and thoughtful comics too, exploring characters’ relationships with exes, and touching on gender stereotypes when some of the male characters take up knitting but do so secretly lest they find themselves judged. If you want a more light-hearted and slightly silly take on the inner workings of knitters and crocheters, Worsted For Wear (you get the pun there? Worsted- like worsted weight yarn?) is a good place to go.

If anyone knows of any ongoing comics about knitting, feel free to wing them my way. The world needs more knitted panels. I certainly didn’t expect to see this from Marvel- least of all on a Punisher cover- but how cool is this?

Punisher cover #8 Declan Shalvey 

Happy Valentines Day all. May your day be full of the things and people you love- your comics too.

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