About Me

I’m a PhD candidate in Comparative and English Literature at the University of Glasgow, studying the portrayal of sidekicks and gendered power in DC’s New 52 superhero comics. I focus specifically upon Harley Quinn and Batgirl, though I’ve also been known to dabble with Power Girl, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, to name but a few additional titles. Themes I’m examining include post-humanism, feminism, and power. It’s fun, exciting and not just an excuse to watch The Flash or the latest Marvel movie and call it “research”- but it is rather convenient!

When not mainlining coffee in the library, I do occasionally indulge in activities that aren’t PhD-related. I’m a casual gamer, avid reader of things not related to my thesis, and Yorkshire Tea-fanatic for starters.

This blog is my corner of the internet where I will talk about research, comics, yarn and anything else that catches my eye.

When not working on my thesis, I co-host the Tipsy Knits podcast, a laid-back and friendly podcast dedicated to the more sociable side of fibre crafting and squealing about yarn. I can also be found over at The Blonde & The Bold, where I review comics on a more casual basis with my good friend, Heather.

For those of you wondering, my name is pronounced “See-ah”- like the Australian singer.

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