Oh hi there!

I’m Cia (she/her), it’s great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a northerner living in Glasgow; I came here to study and refused to leave. Fandoms and geeky things are my jam, and when I’m not researching them, I’m probably involved in them somehow. Welcome to my fangirlish home on the net!


Did I mention I’m a doctor? I have a PhD in Comparative Literature, and I’m all about fandom, gender and sexuality. I’m also partial to anything connected to cyborgs, the internet, and DC superhero comics.

Yarns about yarns

I’m a knitter. Possibly even a Knitter. I started in 2011 and somehow can’t put my needles down. I like knitting so much I even podcast about it. Expect plenty of yarns on this blog.


When I’m not scrutinising Harley Quinn comics, you can find me kicking back with Critical Role, books about fae, or yelling about DPS on World of Warcraft (for the Alliance!) I also play a lot of RPGS and my dice collection is scary.

Other things you should probably know

In case you missed it, my pronouns are she/her.
I’m originally from Yorkshire.
I love coffee.
Leopard print is a neutral.

Other places I fangirl

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