Publications & Conference Papers

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‘Harlequin Romance: The Power of Parody and Subversion’ in The Ascendance of Harley Quinn: Essays on DC’s Enigmatic Villain ed. Shelley E. Barba & Joy M.Perrin. McFarland. (2017)  

‘A Review of Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics 1941–1948’. The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. 5(1), p.Art. 8. DOI: .(2015)

Conference Papers & Presentations 

‘Fangirls of Burnside: Representing Fandom as a Space in Batgirl. ComicsForum, Leeds. (2017)

‘Connecting Superhero and Romance Genres in Harley Quinn‘. Borders Conference (The Eighth International Graphic Novel, Comics Conference), Dundee. (2017)

‘Romancing Harley’. Sexuality and Superheroes Panel. CSSC Conference, Toronto. (2017)

‘Blogging A Community’. Engage Strathclyde. Glasgow, 2017.

‘No-one does it better: Frank Quitely and the Birds of Prey’. Comic Invention Exhibition, Hunterian Art Gallery. Glasgow, 2016.

‘BatgirlofBurnside: How Moving to Burnside Transformed Batgirl’. Voyages Conference, Paris. (2015)