Social Media & Research Communication

I have managed and produced online content for several organisations, including guest blog posts and running social media accounts.

For Ingenious Women:


I produced blog posts sharing the residential’s content, and live-tweeted each session via#IWScot2018 as both @miss_ciakate and @UofGPGR_blog.
Ingenious Women?
Thinking Outside the Triangle and the Creativity Cycle 
Ingenious Knickers
Motivation and restoring that KAPOW! feeling

For the UofG PGR Blog:

I managed the day-to-day running of the blog, and promotion via Twitter and Instagram  (@UofG_PGRblog) from September 2016- November 2018. I wrote and edited posts for the blog, and was responsible for sourcing guest posts. Hashtags created and used for the blog included PGRSelfCare, PGRResearchSpace, PGRWellbeing, UofGPGR.

Ingenious Women series: Creativity, Cash,  Being Part of the Ingenious Knicker Machine
Three Minute Thesis Competition 2018
PGR & Postdoc Bake-Off
Three Minute Thesis Competition 2017

PGR Experiences
PGR Self Care: Unwind with Yarn
Summer Reading 
PGR Experience: Part-Time Researcher
Glasgow in Panels
Wrangling MyCampus

Blog & Twitter Competitions
PGR Self-Care
PGR Research Space

For Big Issue Glasgow 

I have volunteered in the Big Issue Glasgow office since April 2015, and managed the Big Issue Glasgow Twitter account until September 2016, promoting the magazine and vendors to local readers, and office projects such as #BigIssueBigJourney.
During this time, I created the Warm and Working event in association with Queen of Purls yarn store as a sister event to The Big Knitathon (the Big Issue’s own knitting campaign. Using the hashtag #warmandworking and our collective connections, we encouraged knitters to knit items to give to vendors to keep them ‘#warmandworking’ on their pitches during the winter, and to attend a fundraising event at the Queen of Purls store. This event has been held annually since 2015, raising money for the local vendors and producing over 100 knitted hats, scarves, and gloves for them to wear each year.