Top 6 Huffle-Buffs


Noun. Plural.

Old, warm, comfy and sometimes slightly scruffy clothes that you wear whenever you want and however you like. (Via National Scottish Library and Susie Dent)

As someone who lives for autumn and winter, I obviously have a wardrobe full of huffle-buffs. Some I even made. These are my favourites.

Hands wearing grey knit fingerless mitts
  1. The Rusty Ferret sparkly Tuuli mitts
    I made these way back in 2016 and they come out every winter; I just adore them. The long cuffs make them perfect for layering whatever the weather, and I’ve been known to wear these whilst working in cold library annexes or University offices. They may have worn a bit around the thumb joins; one mitt may be slightly bigger from being lost for 2 weeks one December, but they bring me so much joy and warmth. I think they’re perfect.
A white woman in a rose gold off-the-shoulder sweater in a snow-covered street
  1. The Soiree sweater
    This is a 2020 finished object but it’s my favourite jumper ever and has already had a significant amount of wear. It’s already pilling a bit and getting tatty around the edges. Mohair combined with a merino/silk/cashmere blend makes for one deliciously cosy garment. This is slouchy and ridiculously soft, plus the sleeves are long enough that I can curl my fingers up in them. I’ve worn this out to see friends, I’ve worn it in the snow in Montreal… Mostly I wear it over PJs and swan around the flat feeling very pleased with myself.
A white woman in a pink sweater and trousers on a couch
  1. The Leopard Print PJ Pants
    I’d wear these on the street if it was socially acceptable. These pyjama pants are soft, slightly baggy and perfect for just lounging about it. The fact they’re pink leopard print aside (aka 2 of my fave things), they have deep pockets, meaning I can store endless supplies of tissues and Cold&Flu medicine when I inevitably succumb to a winter cold and need to lie on the sofa with a Netflix boxset. Oh and they look great with most of my handknit wardrobe, so…bonus!
A white woman wearing a black t-shirt, cardigan and jeans in heavy snowall
  1. The slouchy £8 Tesco cardi ft. Skeinhead T-shirt
    This is a newer item I grabbed on impulse in winter 2019. I’d just got my Skeinhead T-shirt and wanted to wear it everywhere as it was oversized, punky and comfortable, but winter split between Glasgow and Montreal meant going without long sleeves wasn’t exactly possible. Enter this fuzzy number from Tesco. It’s – surprise surprise! – slouchy, has pockets, and goes with my entire wardrobe. It’s been darned twice, visited Canada, and I sometimes wear it as a dressing gown. Though it’s been in my wardrobe over spring and summer, the T-shirt’s been an all year round staple; bringing sparkle and colour to my lockdown wardrobe. In my mind, this combo is simply makeup and accessories away from casual and scruffy, or more put together and ready for Instagram with a pumpkin spice latte. In reality, it probably shouldn’t leave the flat.
A white woman wearing a pink and purple handknit shawl holding a takeaway coffee cup
  1. The Briochealicious Shawl
    I’m slightly obsessed with this shawl. I started it wanting to clear long-stashed yarn, but it turned into a ginormous, squishy hug that has seen me through icy and wet commutes, two holidays to Canada in the winter, working in offices with single-glazing, and countless days out with friends. I love this shawl. I want to knit it again, I love it so much. The crescent shape makes it versatile to wear too. I tend to wrap it around my neck like massive cowl to tuck into coats, but it’s also the ideal shape to drape around my shoulders and snuggle up in if it’s extra cold.
A black sweater with random diagonal stripes of red and leopard print hanging in front of a wooden background
  1. The Topshop Sale Jumper
    My mum bought me this in the after-Christmas sale about 5 years ago when I wasn’t feeling great about my body. I loved curling up and hiding in this jumper, and it got a lot of wear when I worked in a freezing office near the Clyde. Though my partner accidentally put it in the washing machine on a 90 degree wash, it somehow came out relatively unscathed. It’s still oversized, just a little shorter in the body, and the text on the labels has vanished. Doesn’t mean I don’t still bring this up in arguments – 90 degrees, can you even?!

These are just the items that are blog-friendly. I have a wardrobe full of holey leggings, cut-up T-shirt, and jumpers with stretched neckbands and torn cuffs. The less said about my partner’s huffle-buffs, the better. He takes it to a new level with his collection of pyjama pants with torn and holey crotches! That aside, I am declaring myself an official huffle-buff fangirl, and you can bet this term is entering my everyday vocab.

All images copyright Cia Jackson 2020


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